The Medical Receptionist is the very first point of contact for a new patient. The attitude and professionalism of the person doing this job reflect on the entire organization. Therefore, it is an important healthcare career. Beyond being friendly and professional, this urgent care job has several important duties.

The Medical Receptionist is responsible for:

  • Obtaining and recording all demographics, insurance and payment information of each patient.
  • Performing verification of patient identification, insurance information and payment information.
  • Scanning and forwarding of all reports and/or findings of tests and personal examinations to the appropriate terminal per clinic policy.
  • Effectively communicating with patients and other healthcare staff to manage patient care.
  • Assisting the patient in the registration process.
  • Entering all data in the clinic Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records as required.
  • Performing all services in the Agreement in a manner consistent with the standards of medical practice in the community.
  • Answering all incoming calls and forwarding them to the appropriate terminal.
  • When and if needed, performing or supervising front desk procedures that include but are not limited to training new staff.
  • Keeping and maintaining appropriate records of all patients signing into the clinic.
  • Preparing and attending to all reports, claims, and correspondence necessary and appropriate to the performance of billing requirements at the beginning and end of all shifts.
  • Being available to perform his/her professional services during the clinic’s office hours for the number of hours specified.
  • Following all policies and procedures of Bayside Urgent Care Center, including Code of Conduct and Corporate Compliance Program.

If you qualify for this Medical Receptionist job, please contact us.

You may fill out our application by clicking here:

Bayside Urgent Care Center Application for Employment

When you are ready, submit your application and resume or CV by:

Fax: 727-441-5008
Bayside Urgent Care Center, Inc.
1001 S. Ft. Harrison Ave. Suite 101
Clearwater, FL 33756

Please remember to be very honest, clear, and concise when you present us with your information. Urgent care jobs require a high level of responsibility.  We expect that you will be able to perform the duties you list on your submission when you arrive.

Thank you!

Are You A Match?

As a growing and improving medical clinic, Bayside Urgent Care Center is always looking for individuals to join our team that are:

  • High spirited and responsible
  • Professional
  • Great communicators with the ability to listen to our patient’s needs
  • Passionate and caring for another person’s health
  • Able to handle a diverse patient population
  • High standards with a great work ethic
  • Easygoing and enjoy working well with others
  • Prepared to be a leader
  • Willing to learn and grow
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