Nurse Practitioner jobs are available at Bayside Urgent Care Center. This healthcare career has several responsibilities which we take very seriously. Urgent care jobs can be gratifying and we hope you will study the criteria below.

A Nurse Practitioner at Bayside Urgent Care Center performs the following duties:

  • Obtains a detailed and legible medical history of each patient including, but not limited to the patient’s chief complaint, present condition of the patient, individual history of the patient, and their family history.

They also perform complete physical examinations of each patient, including:

  • Examination of the head, eyes, ears, nose, throat, abdomen
  • All systems of the body, including the circulatory, reproductive and nervous system

Additional duties include:

  • Analyzes reports and/or findings of tests and personal examinations to assess the patient’s medical condition. This includes diagnosing their injury or illness and formulating a prognosis.
  • Effectively communicates with patients and other healthcare staff to manage patient care.
  • Refers the patient to physicians or appropriate resources when and if needed
  • Prescribes medication and treatment for the patient. And, the Nurse Practitioner recommends appropriate physical and dietary routines and methods for the prevention of disease. Also, they instruct the patient to maintain personal hygiene.
  • Performs all services in a manner that is consistent with the standards of medical practice in the community
  • Performs such clinical procedures as are consistent with a Nurse Practitioners’ standard practice patterns and training

When and if needed, performs or supervises various invasive medical procedures that include:

  • Injection of medications
  • Inoculations
  • Vaccinations

Furthermore, nurse practitioners:

  • Keeps and maintains appropriate records relating to all professional services rendered
  • Prepares and attends to all reports, claims, and correspondence necessary and appropriate to the performance of the professional services. And, the Nurse Practitioner ensures that records and documentation comply with Federal and State regulations.
  • Reports births, deaths, outbreaks of contagious diseases and other information required to appropriate governmental authorities promptly. And, as needed, handles all due reporting for the Bayside Urgent Care Center corporation.
  • Directly works with Supervising Physicians, Nurses, Medical Assistants and other personnel. The Nurse Practitioner does this following Bayside Urgent Care Center’s policies, procedures and applicable laws and regulations.

Supervisory responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  • Patient care
  • Interviewing
  • Hiring and training newly assigned staff
  • Assigning and directing work
  • Appraising performance
  • Rewarding and disciplining employees
  • Addressing complaints and resolving problems

A Nurse Practitioner must be available to perform their professional services during Bayside Urgent Care Center’s office hours. And they must perform their duties for the number of hours specified. One must follow all policies and procedures of Bayside Urgent Care Center.

If you qualify for one of our Nurse Practitioner jobs, please contact us.

You may fill out our application by clicking here:

Bayside Urgent Care Center Application for Employment

When you are ready, submit your application and resume or CV by:

Fax: 727-441-5008
Bayside Urgent Care Center, Inc.
1001 S. Ft. Harrison Ave. Suite 101
Clearwater, FL 33756

Please remember to be very honest, clear, and concise when you present us with your information. Urgent care jobs are very demanding. We expect that you will be able to perform the duties you list on your submission when you arrive.

Thank you!

Are You A Match?

As a growing and improving medical clinic, Bayside Urgent Care Center is always looking for individuals to join our team that are:

  • High spirited and responsible
  • Professional
  • Great communicators with the ability to listen to our patient’s needs
  • Passionate and caring for another person’s health
  • Able to handle a diverse patient population
  • High standards with a great work ethic
  • Easygoing and enjoy working well with others
  • Prepared to be a leader
  • Willing to learn and grow
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