Urgent Care for DOT Physicals

A Department of Transportation (DOT) physical is a health examination mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for commercial motor vehicle drivers. To maintain a valid commercial driver’s license, you must pass this physical for your safety and the safety of the public.

At Bayside Urgent Care, we offer DOT physicals and issue your DOT medical card after you meet the physical requirements.

We are located in Clearwater, Florida, and we’re always accepting new patients. No appointments are necessary.

Do I Need A DOT Physical?

You must pass a DOT physical if you operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) that:

  • Weighs over 10,000 pounds for interstate commerce
  • Carries more than eight people
  • Transports hazardous materials and requires placards

These on-the-road jobs are “safety-sensitive,” which means that in the case of an accident, not only your safety but the safety of others can be affected.

What Does a DOT Physical Consist Of?

The results of the DOT physical indicate that you are physically, mentally, and emotionally fit to operate a CMV. Your DOT physical will test:

  • Vision. You will need to have 20/40 acuity in each eye with or without correction and have a 70-inch peripheral vision.
  • Hearing. Drivers must hear a “forced whisper” at a distance of 5 feet with or without a hearing aid.
  • Vital signs
  • Urinalysis

You will also undergo a routine physical examination. During your exam, the Bayside Urgent Care Center medical professionals will check your general appearance and your mouth and throat, heart, lungs and chest, and abdomen. We will also look at your extremities, back, and spine, and perform some simple tests that check your nervous system.

What to Bring For Your DOT Physical

To make the most of your visit, bring your medications, including the dosage regimen, and names and addresses of your doctors. We will also talk about any pre-existing medical conditions you have.

Additionally, if you have any of the following, we recommend bringing:

  • Hearing or vision issues. Your hearing aids, glasses, or contacts.
  • Diabetes. Your most recent lab results for hemoglobin A1C and blood sugar logs.
  • Heart issues. A letter from your cardiologist describing your medical history and medications and an indication that it is safe for you to work in the DOT.

Does Bayside Urgent Care Accept Insurance?

Yes. We accept Medicare and most major insurance carriers. If you are underinsured, uninsured, or prefer to pay out-of-pocket, our services are reasonably priced, and we offer flexible payment plans.

Getting a DOT Physical Has Never Been Easier

Our center is located in Clearwater, Florida, conveniently situated to Largo, Belleair, Dunedin, Indian Rocks Beach, and Tampa. If you are experiencing symptoms detailed above, visit our office or call.

*Urgent care is not a substitute for emergency care. Always head to the nearest emergency room or call 911 if you are experiencing very serious or life-threatening problems. Read What is Urgent Care for more information.

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