One of the things that I have noticed over the years is that we all tend to complicate things and make them harder than they really are. And when things are complicated, they become extremely hard to confront. When looking at any subject, it’s almost impossible not to be confused by the volume of information that is available. Just being overwhelmed by a sea of details or information on that subject makes it unlikely that you will even try to learn about it, much less try to understand that subject.

But the reality is that things really are simple when you just look at them and just observe. In tackling any subject or project one question that seems to help is, what are you really trying to do? An even more useful question is, what is the basic purpose? And when this question is answered, all actions and observations either align with or do not align with this basic purpose.

Over the years I have realized that the human body, as complex as it can be, can be simplified into something that is much more confrontable.

When asked what the basic purpose of the body is, if you really look you will come to realize the answer.

The basic purpose of a body is to move in the physical universe. A body that is better able to move, is considered healthier than a body that cannot move as well. Bodies that move well, have less morbidity (the condition of suffering from disease or medical conditions) and less mortality or death. When a person can move and control their body very well, they are typically in a good state of health. In the medical world, we see this phenomenon all the time. Any medical condition that limits the mobility of the body increases the development of other medical conditions and shortens a person’s life. For instance, this phenomenon is observed in spinal cord injuries as well as obesity. Obesity being defined as a Body Mass Index (BMI) or weight over height ratio greater than thirty. The more severe (or higher in the spinal column) the spinal cord injury, the less movement of the body and the shorter the lifespan. The same is true with regards to obesity. The more severe the obesity, meaning the higher the BMI, the less movement of the body and the shorter the lifespan or higher mortality rate. The incidence of increased disease or morbidity is also increased as the BMI increases.

So, understanding that the basic purpose of a body is to move in the physical universe, we can look at other aspects of bodies and health and see if they align with this basic purpose. If whatever it is that you are doing allows for your body or conditions your body to be better able to move, then it is beneficial or can be considered healthy. And the contrary is also true. If something that you are doing does not improve the movement of your body or hinders the movement of your body in some way, then that action or substance can be considered unhealthy.

And now we can begin to look at the various systems of a body, (such as the respiratory, cardiovascular or musculoskeletal systems) with this basic purpose in mind. We can then see how these different systems of a body aid in the mobility of a body. We can also see if the things that we are doing to these systems in some way help or hinder a body’s mobility. Understanding and thinking with this basic purpose is a great way to start when assessing the overall health of a body.

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