To quickly recap, the basic purpose of a body is to move in the physical universe. So, then what is a body? A body is a carbon oxygen machine composed mostly of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. There are other elements that make up the body in a significantly lesser amount. Feel free to google this on your own. All of these elements combine to form cells, which combine to form the tissues, which combine to form the various organs and systems that comprise or make up the body as a whole. All of these elements are needed to make up the body.

Another important fact about bodies is that they absolutely require a continuous supply of oxygen to live. Without this continuous supply of oxygen, a body will not be able to function properly and ultimately cease to exist. Understanding this point, you can look at the various body systems and place them in a hierarchy, or order, of importance. Now, this hierarchy is not something I read anywhere else. Over the years I have come to realize that some things take priority when it comes to body systems.

The first system and most important system to consider is the respiratory system. It is composed or made up of all the structures from the nose to the lungs. Its main function is to allow for the exchange of gasses and ultimately to get oxygen into the body. Anything that impairs this function and decreases the supply of oxygen to the body will have damaging effects upon your body. An obvious example of this is if you were trapped underwater and could no longer get oxygen. It would not take long for the body to stop living. Another not so obvious observation is that a person is more likely to seek the help of a doctor or medical professional, or just some type of treatment if there is even the slightest impairment in function of the respiratory system. For instance, most visits to a health clinic are to handle respiratory infections. If a respiratory infection is persistent for a few days the average person will do something to try and handle it as quickly as possible.

Just a quick mention here about smoking or vaping is appropriate. Smoking or vaping absolutely impairs the function of the respiratory system. Over time smoking causes lungs to lose their natural elasticity. A good analogy to think of is a balloon. When first blown up, a balloon has the highest level of elasticity and wants to return to its original size. Let go of that blown up balloon and it shoots out of your fingers flying through the room with speed. Now if that same balloon was blown up and let go a hundred times, each time the force with which the balloon would contract back down to its original size would lessen. Also, the balloon would become stretched out and a little larger. This is essentially one of the main effects smoking or vaping has on the lungs.

So back to the topic, the respiratory system absolutely is a priority when it comes to bodies. If oxygen is not getting in properly, bodies will not function well, if at all. Ideally you want to do more of the things that improve this function, like exercise, and less of the things that hinder or lessen the function of the respiratory system. This seems like it should be common knowledge, but it is often forgotten. Let’s consider this a reminder. Just to clarify, there is more to talk about when it comes to the respiratory system or any other body systems (and we will get to those topics eventually.) Right now, I just want to give you my viewpoint on bodies that I have come to understand over the years. In the next email, we will go over what I consider the second item on the hierarchy of body systems. Pay attention. There will be a quiz at the end of the series of emails.

And if you ever have any questions feel free to email me.

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